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The title “Collaborative Divorce” is descriptive of its process. It is a divorce model based on respect and agreement to resolve the unique issues relating to the dissolution of your marriage. An alternative to court, collaborative divorce is private and efficient, more flexible and less destructive than traditional divorce.

Collaborative Law is a limited scope representation model. Collaborative Law agreements require divorcing spouses to find resolution without the necessity of court intervention. The process involves negotiation and a desire to creatively solve the unique problems that cause a marriage to end.

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We take a solution oriented, practical approach to help you reconcile all the issues surrounding your divorce. Efficient and responsive, we are dedicated to professional service and ensuring your client experience is exceptional in light of the significant emotional, legal and financial concerns you are likely to experience. John is passionate about client advocacy and helping clients to structure long-term goals that will help make the decisions you face through divorce easier.

Divorce is difficult. We can help.

Serving families in crisis in Wake County, North Carolina

John Fernandez is a complex child custody lawyer in Raleigh, North Carolina. He helps people embroiled in family law conflict throughout Wake County. John provides solution based services to people locked in emotional distress brought on by divorce and the significant stressors that go along with this transition. Efficient and practical, John can help you structure agreements right for your family. In cases where agreement cannot be reached, John Fernandez is an experienced, successful North Carolina trial lawyer.

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    Believe it or not, you’ve already taken your first steps. While not all information you find on the internet is valid, you can learn about your rights in advance of taking action. You can find information about our services on...

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John P. Fernandez | Child Custody and Divorce Lawyer | Raleigh, NCOur mission is to ensure the best legal experience available for your divorce. We understand the fear and uncertainty you are likely to be experiencing. We know that the welfare and happiness of your children is the most important factor in your divorce. We can help you find the most creative solutions responsive to your family’s unique needs and circumstance.


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Divorce is difficult. We can help.

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